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Carol Stoudt At The Blind Tiger

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The Stoudt family has operated a restaurant in Adamstown, PA since before WWII. The establishment went through many changes over the years, starting as a simple roasted chicken joint and eventually becoming a fancy steak house. They've continued to build other enterprises around the restaurant, adding an antique shop, a cheese making business and an artisanal bakery. One of the most significant additions to the Stoudt empire came in 1987 when they began brewing beer.
B.R., Katherine of Blind Tiger, Carol, Susan Green.
At first, they only sold their beer at their restaurant. But it wasn't long before they got a bottling machine and began distributing around Pennsylvania and then further still. Stoudts has become known for brewing many traditional German styles, having won many awards for their Munich Style Helles. The fact that the area was largely settled by German immigrants has a lot to do with their specializing in Germanic brews.

Though Stoudt's was clearly a ahead of the curve in craft brewing, having started well before the first big microbrewery revolution, an even more groundbreaking fact is that in 1987 Carol Stoudt was one of very few female commercial brewers in North America -- probably in the entire world. And while there have been more women to follow Carol into the brewhouse and also work in a variety of jobs in the brewing industry, Carol is a true pioneer.
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On Aug. 21, Carol was on hand at the Blind Tiger along with a bunch of her fine ales and lagers, and we got to talk to her about Stoudts.

Smooth Hoperator Doppelbock
Four Play IPA.
Honey Double Maibock.
50 25 Quad.

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