Monday, July 9, 2012

Beer Street Brooklyn

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Beer Street is a new bottle shop/growlers-to-go establishment in Williamsburg, by the Graham Ave. L-train stop. The extensive list of top notch craft beer from all over the world is what you might expect from a guy from the Gingerman family.
Co-owner Peter Lengyel on left.
We spoke to co-proprietor Lorcan Precious about his 10-tap shop on a day when Beer Street was full of customers and craft beer scenesters for a Denmark Comes To Brooklyn event.
On hand were Mikkel of Mikkeller, Jeppe of Evil Twin and Tore of To Øl, all Danish gypsy brewers. There were lots of Evil Twin and To Øl brews on tap. And we got to sample most of them, and talk to the brewers

Here are some related podcasts that we made when we visited:
Tore from To Øl
Mikkel speaking about former students Tore & Tobias of To Øl
Jeppe of Evil Twin (to be posted soon)
Peter Lengyel, Jeppe, Tore, Lorcan and Mikkel.

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