Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To Øl At Beer Street

On Sunday July 1, 2012, we biked over the Williamsburg Bridge to check out Beer Street and meet up with some Danish brewers who were on hand.

Peter, Jeppe, Tore, Lorcan, Mikkel.
One of those featured was To Øl, and Tore from the brewing company was there and told us about how he and his partner, Tobias, got started brewing.
The seed of To Øl was planted when in 2005 the duo, still high school students, complained to a chemistry teacher at their school about how much they disliked stale, boring, mass-market lager. It happened that the teacher was no other than Mikkel of Mikkeller!
Photo by Lefty.
The three manged to convince the school that buying homebrewing equipment was a good idea -- "Principal: we need to buy brewing equipment to teach the kids the science of fermentation!"  I have to say, if my teachers were able to relate algebra lessons to brewing beer, I'd have ended up getting a PhD from M.I.T.!
Hear all about it in this podcast. As a bonus, we asked Mikkel how the To Øl boys were as students, which was quite amusing!

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