Thursday, December 16, 2010

Podcast to Post Soon - In the Meantime...

As the current podcast is being edited into TWO versions (the short story, and the long story), we'll take a moment to remind you that the next tasting panel will take place at the East Village Tavern at 6:30pm on Monday Dec. 20, 2010, as we'll  continue to sample from the vast offerings of holiday/winter beers that have overrun the current beer landscape! One special beer that we have for the coming tasting is Norway's Nønge Ø Winter Ale, for which there are no words that aptly do a description justice. "Mmmmmmmyummmmm" is as close as it comes. If you want to try a rare draft of this winter treat, it is one of the numerous outstanding winter/holiday/Christmas beers currently available on tap at Rattle N Hum, 14 E. 33rd St. by Madison. Get it while it lasts!

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