The Loo

Seldom is a visit of the pub not coupled with a visit to the lieux d'aisances. Here are some of the bathrooms of some of the establishments that we've frequented. The urinals are rated based on how high the bottom of the porcelain is in respect to the "business end" of the average user. So, a K- rating indicates that it's, appropriately, at or below knee level. While a -4w means that it's only about 4 inches below the "lower waist" level (not appropriate), and +2w means that it's about 2 inches above that level - which is completely out of the question! (Unless your bar caters solely to 8-foot tall Norwegians.)

The Queens Kickshaw, NYC.

Zum Schneider, NYC (K-).

Owl Farm, Park Slope.

Infinity, Portland, ME (K).

Jimmy's No. 43 back room.

Nosh, Portland, ME (K).

Novare Res, Portland, ME (K).

Mug's Alehouse.
Spuyten Duyvil.
Monk's in Phlly.

Standard Tap in Philly.
Parc in Philly.
Cadaques in Wmsbrg (K)
Jimmy's No. 43, NYC (K).
Dive Bar in Worcester, MA -- the classic chest-to-floor - K
Worthy Burger
508 GastroBrewery, NYC

Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Mass. (K- with drink shelf!)

ABC Beer Co. on Ave. C in NYC.
Petit Abeille on 20th St./1st Ave. in NYC (-5w).
DBA on 1st Ave. by 3rd St. in NYC (K-).
Alewife at 5-14 51st St. (by Vernon/Jackson), LIC, QNS
(K- with extra points for drink holder!)
Brooklyn Brewery, 79 N. 11th St., Williamsburg, BKLN (left -5w, right K-)

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