Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Good Beer Shop And Sly Fox Brewery

First off, our thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to Ray Deter, the proprietor of D.B.A. and friend of both B.R. and mine, as well as to his family. Ray was tragically struck by a car while bicycling in NYC on June 27, 2011, and passed away on July 3 as a result of his injuries. More on Ray on the DBA facebook page.
Good Beer Shop And Sly Fox

GOOD BEER is one of those rare hybrid beer businesses that: A) sells you beer in bottles, cans and growlers, but also; B) sells you pints and sampler glasses of what's on tap to enjoy right there on premises.

By the way, we know that the previous post/podcast was about the "Good Beer Seal", but "Good Beer" is completely unrelated.

NYC has a few of them -- BIER KRAFT in Park Slope and a new one (City Swiggers) opening soon on the Upper East Side and possibly one on the UWS.

Though we didn't get to talk to owner David of GOOD BEER (we'll catch up with him later), we've been dropping by the shop ever since they opened, and have been very happy with their selections, the prices and the convenience of having 12 craft beers on tap which we can take home!

They recently had a SLY FOX event and this week we sampled four different SLY FOX brews, and you can hear all about it in our podcast.

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