Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blind Tiger: Belgian Specialty Ales

Blind Tiger: Belgian Specialty Ales

For this week, we had hoped to record an interview/beer tasting with one of the craft beer scene's true characters, Dan Shelton of SHELTON BROS. IMPORTERS (of which B.R. is in the employ), but for more reasons than can be listed, that didn't happen, though for no one's fault but fate. Let's put it this way: if you were to go to Wonka's Chocolate Factory, recording an interview wouldn't likely be your top priority. And when you're at a party of a beer importer... suffice to say that I (temporarily) lost the recording device, yet never lost my beer mug!

So, it was off to the BLIND TIGER, which has been the craft beer bar, and in recent years, bistro, of the West Village, and certainly one of the best such bars city wide, for the past 13 years. And it's not enough for owner Dave and company to provide over 30 incredible taps 356 days a year, including cask ale -- they've also had a long standing tradition of supporting the local, regional, national and international craft brewing scene by hosting weekly special events nearly every Wednesday from 3pm onwards.

Detailed descriptions of each special beer of the event.
The Wednesday events almost always feature a large, expansive plate of quality cheeses and bread from Murray's Cheese -- completely for free -- in addition to beer from a selected brewery, or a certain featured beer style or some other beer theme ("Christmas in July") to entice you to this place, which is easier to enter and much more difficult to leave once there.

Click on picture for larger view of the beer list.
In this installment of the podcast we talk with bar manager Katherine, who explains this Wednesday's "Belgian Specialty Ale" theme, and the general concept behind the Wednesday events.

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  1. sorry for the weird sound on this podcast. my mini-disc player is still in belchertown, ma, and we had to make do with a miniature digital voice recorder with a built in mic, and the ibook's built in mic -- neither supplying stellar sound quality. [bobw]