Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dogfish Head Brewpub In Rehoboth Beach

WFMU's Beer Hear! with Bob W. and B.R. from 9/20/2011

We've been the DFH brewpub many, many times over the years. We've been to the brewery in Milton, DE. We've even been to one of the satellite DFH pub -- the one in Gaithersburg, VA (across the road from the NIST). We've taken the tours. We've bought the t-shirts. And we've put away a pint or two, as well. But on this trip, we took the time to talk to one of the brewpub brewers, Matt.

B.R., Matt and Bob in the tiny brewpub brewhouse.
The brewpub operates separately from the main brewery. The beers brewed at the pub aren't bottled or kegged for off-site consumption. And there is a separate brewhouse staff for both facilities.

Matt told us that the Rehoboth brewpub is kind of a research and development lab, of sorts, for the main brewery, which brews the DFH beer that flows around the globe. Most of the pub's beers are brewed at the main brewery in Milton, but there are always some special pub-only brews on offer on Rehoboth Ave.
Sherwood hockey stick/measurement device.
Rather than filling up this post with lots of information and history that you probably already know, and if you didn't know but wanted to know, but you could better be informed by Wikipedia or the DFH website, we'll let the podcast do the talking. And as for why we return to DFH every year, there's an entirely other post. So...

Half of the menu at DFH brewpub.
Why are you still reading this? Check out the podcast, which will give you some interesting insight, and will inform you as to what a nice guy Matt was for taking the time to indulge a pair of hopeless "nerds de bière" on semi-vacation asking dumb questions. We learned some stuff -- you might, too!

We drank a LOT of different DFH beers on the trip, as expected, including some that we've never had before. I don't think that I've had the PANEAGA before, but found it to be refreshing and unique in its subtleties -- "subtle" not always being a term used to describe the beers of DFH!

So, we posted two BONUS podcasts, describing some of the brewpub-exclusives. Interested in hearing about their SORGUM BEER called TWEASON, or REPOTERROIR, or LIMB & LIFE?
  Beer Review

How about the 75 MINUTE IPA ON CASK with MAPLE SYRUP, or the 10.5% abv minted stout "with a serious fruit problem" BLACK & RED?
Beer Review 2

O.K. -- with the description above of Repoterroir clearly somebody is taking a shot at some other brewery's "beechwood aging". And I think that that's fine. I was once told by an employee of A-B that their "beechwood aging" consisted of passing the beer through a tube of beechwood chips on its way to the fermentation tanks. Whooo.....hoooo. Aging.
The other half.

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