Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barcade Gives Back To Local Community Radio

On Tuesday Oct. 11, 2011 Barcade Jersey City  was the site of a WFMU Meet-Up/impromptu fundraiser for the non-profit free form radio station, headquartered just one PATH station east, near Exchange Place.
Steve K., B.R. and Joe Belock (Cynthia hiding to the left).
The bar donated all tips generated from 4pm-9pm, and then added on another $250, bringing the fundraising take to $587. Not bad for something that was set up less than 7 days earlier. And the radio station ended up being introduced to a number of local bar patrons who were previously unfamiliar with 91.1FM /

Free soap?! Honey, run the bath water!!!
Patrons were invited to help themselves to WFMU stickers, soap, bottle openers and other promotional items, and then offered to take the "Beer Trivia Challenge" -- answer one beer trivia question correctly for a swank Brooklyn Brewery ball cap, a Gritty McDuff's t-shirt or another "big ticket" prize! And if the answer was wrong, participants still had a chance to win by stumping the trivia master with their own beer trivia question!

In honor of WFMU, Sixpoint Brewery (who are big fans of the station) agreed to rename two of their beers for the occasion. Specialized tap handles were created for the 'WFM-brU" beer, an american pale ale, and the "FREEDOM IS FREE FOAM" (a rif on the station's FREE FORM format), which was a Belgian style wheat beer.
Don't be surprised if Barcade JC host another WFMU event in March, during the station's annual 2-week on-air fundraising marathon!

4th from the left: "Free Foam".
4th from the left: "WFM-brU"!

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