Friday, August 22, 2014

Brewland Documentary

So... It's been a while! Yes, the last podcast and blogpost was way back in March, about six months ago! What happened, you ask? Full-time employment in Sept., that's what! And though B.R. is also a co-contributor, it's me, Bob, who handles the audio side of the operation, responsible for editing and formatting the podcasts.

But after almost a year into the new job, I feel that I can manage my time well enough to get us back on our weekly schedule. In fact, though we haven't posted in about half a year, we've recorded lots of features, including: the re-launched Paulaner NYC brewpub (to post by Monday!), the new Smuttynose Brewery, a few Brooklyn Brewery events (no surprise there), the new Greenport Harbor brewery, the Thirsty Quaker in Jersey City, and more!

In the meantime, we wanted to tell you about a documentary in the works about the development of the modern craft beer scene. It's called Brewland, and you can learn all about it at their Indiegogo website, where they're seeking to fund this brewdoc.

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