Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breuckelen Distilling Co.


Yeah, we know that whiskey isn't beer. But you do have to make beer in order to make whiskey!

We met Brad of Breuckelen Distilling Co. at the Brewer's Choice event during Craft Beer Week NYC.  He was sampling out both of his products, a gin and a whiskey, handmade from scratch in their Sunset Park, Brooklyn distillery.

There seems to be a bit of a distilling boom in Brooklyn of late. But one thing that sets Breuckelen apart is their use of organic New York State grown wheat in their mash.

Both the whiskey, which is aged for about 4 months in oak, and the gin use 100% wheat -- which is one of a few reasons that their whiskey is not bourbon. For a spirit aged for such a short period in wood, their whiskey is surprisingly aromatic, flavorful and smooth.

Find out more by checking out this week's podcast!

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