Monday, November 21, 2011

Lagunitas Food Drive At Blind Tiger

Our weekly blogpost/podcast is usually up by now (this week it's WANDERING STAR), but it being Thanksgiving... the (not quite post-production) podcast IS posted to the WFMU website, and the accompanying blogpost should be up by tomorrow. But in the meantime, we hope that you can join us at Blind Tiger on Friday -- see the details below!

This Friday, 25 November, Blind Tiger (281 Bleecker Street) is hosting a Lagunitas canned food drive. Bring a non-perishable food item with you to the bar anytime between 4 and 8pm and Mark and Trevor from Lagunitas will buy you a beer, either their IPA or their DoppelWeizen. All of the food will be donated to City Harvest. And if you're out and about and don't feel like lugging cans around with you all day (what - you don't always have a spare can of peas in your back pocket?), there is a deli down the block where you can pick something up. Bob and I will be there so come on by for a beer and a good cause!

And speaking of the Blind Tiger, it has become a recent Thanksgiving tradition for Bob and me to stroll on over there (well, waddle, perhaps) after Thanksgiving dinner instead of passing out on the couch with a beer in hand. Instead, we have a few beers at the Tiger, walk back home, and then pass out on the couch later having made the mistake of eating a second helping of pie upon our return. Perhaps accompanied by a glass of Dogfish Head Honey Brown Rum. If you're in town, it's a mellow place to hang out and the most quiet you'll ever see the Tiger at night. Bartender Dom opens the place up at 2pm on Thursday and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you brought him that second slice of pie.

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