Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tundra Brewery

Brewer Mark VanGladd of Tundra Brewery started out like may craft brewers -- as a homebrewer. Mark began homebrewing in college in upstate New York, before establishing the 10 barrel brewery located in Stamford, NY, about three hours north of NYC. He currently brews three styles, a Pale Ale made with maple syrup from his family's farm (Wool Homestead), an amber made with NY State honey and a brown ale.

So, what's the big deal about Tundra, then? For one thing, they're the first beer to be sold in the Green Markets. And Mark grows his own barley and hops for the beer! Talk about a self-sufficient brewery! The New York Times featured the brewery recently. The Trunda facebook page is here. You can find Mark selling his fine ales in sixpacks at the Green Market at Tucker Square on Saturdays and at Union Square on Fridays -- that's were we spoke to him for this week's podcast.

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  1. according to their facebook page, tundra is shutting down as of april 2012, so that mark can spend more time on the family maple syrup business.