Saturday, January 28, 2012

Barcade Visits WFMU

WFMU's Beer Hear! with Bob W. and B.R. from 1/27/2012
I was asked to fill in for Thursday afternoon d.j. Diane, as she embarked on a "metal cruise", and it seemed like a good opportunity to have some beer-guests on and do a live Beer Hear! segment on WFMU! Beer Hear! co-host B.R. was on hand, too!
Fuzzy photography courtesy of Bob.
Since the guys from Barcade have been so supportive of WFMU, holding two WFMU Meet-Ups/fundraisers in the last six months, Barcade Jersey City is one PATH station away, and we were at one such fundraiser this past Monday, we decided to invite them on to talk about beer, music and to sample a little of each! [Note: this Bob's idea, not WFMU's idea -- and the Barcade guys neither asked for nor expected any "favors" for anything that they've done for the station. They're a cool, unique local business, making J.C. a more interesting, better place -- that's why they were invited on to the radio.]
Michael, fuzzy Bob effect.
Paul, one of the founders of the Barcade "franchise", and Michael, the key man at Barcade Jersey City, dropped by to share some local beers, talk about music, play some selections, and answer questions about their fairly unique bar. 
We started out trying to guess the identity of an unlabeled 24 oz. bottle from Dieu Du Ciel, which was given to us by the brewer a few weeks ago. It turned out to be the Peché Mortal 10th anniversary! 
Dieu Du Ciel's Peché Mortal 10e.

Next it was the Hoffmann Doppel Bock from Climax the the Jersey-boys brought, which we found to be a bit "off" -- it was kinda sour. But, honestly, I liked it! In the podcast you'll hear a story about another "off" beer that I had at a bar which turned out to be much better than the "not-off" version.
Climax Brewing's Hoffmann Doppel Bock.
Then a "rum barrel aged imperial sweet potato ale" brewed by Bob Olson of Bolero Snort, a new NJ brewery set to open soon.
Bolaro Snort in the foreground.
Then we gave Port Brewing's Santa's Little Helper a taste.
Santa's Little Helper.
Did you know that Paul-Barcade directed a Sam (Dogfish Head) Calagione's music video?
Why can't Bob take a clear photo?!
There was a lot of entertaining banter (and some not-that-interesting banter) on the podcast. But can you pinpoint the moment when Bob earned himself a six-month suspension from the radio station? The photo below lends a cue.
This is how you get suspended from a radio station for 6 months (provided that you're clumsy enough to spill your beer into the board). (Which I was.)

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