Friday, February 10, 2012

Mary's Maple Porter

At a recent Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster's Reserve release party for Mary's Maple Porter, we spoke to Mary Wiles, the nameskate of the beer and a 30-year Brewmaster veteran of Budweiser who now works for the Brooklyn Brewery. Mary's upstate farm provided the 50 gallons of pure, organic, grade A maple syrup that goes into every barrel of the beer!

B.R., Mary, Bob. Photo: Juren David.
What does a quality control manager of a brewery do? For one thing, they taste a LOT of beer everyday! And what kind of maple syrup does a maple syrup maker prefer on her flapjacks? All is revealed in this week's podcast!

Check out the Brooklyn Brewery blog about the beer.

On a technical note, the podcast will be hosted HERE for the next few months. It will return to WFMU in July 2012. To understand why, check the previous podcast and blog.

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