Monday, July 2, 2012

De Graal At The Festival

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Brewer Wim Saeyens of Brewery De Graal (Dutch for "the Grail") was one of the 70 or so participants at The Festival in Worcester on June 23-24. He has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Leuven (the same city that is home to Stella Artois).
Professor Denis De Keukeleire mentored Wim as a brewer at Ghent's oldest school of brewers, CTL, 20 miles south of the Brakel, Belgium based brewery. I spoke very briefly with him about his Quest, a Belgian triple, at this table during The Festival. Wim told me that the Quest has no unfermented sugars -- no residual sugars -- which makes for a very light bodied, dry beer.

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