Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trillium Brewing

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WFMU's Beer Hear! with Bob W. and B.R. from 8/18/2012

When at The Festival in Worcester, Mass. in June, we met Zack, one of the volunteers who traveled from Boston to be part of the historic beer event. Zack, a homebrewer, has also been helping out at a new brewery in Boston that is set to open in the autumn -- Trillium Brewing Co. He's been doing everything from pitching in on the construction to lending a hand as they brew pilot batches of their beer.
Zack, on the left, at the after-party.
The brewery, located at 369 Congress St. in South Boston, is still being built. Progress can be seen at their contractor's website.

The concept of the brewery, according to Zack, is to offer farmhouse style and New England style beers -- maybe even New England farmhouse style beers! He said that they plan on having a wide variety of brews, from saisons to porters, and that they're already experimenting with barrel-aging. You can expect barrel-aged sours, Belgian styles and porters from Trillium!

The owners, Esther and Jean-Claude Tetreault, are quoted on their website saying that they intend on using as many local Massachusetts hops and grains as possible. I'm sure that Valley Malting will be an important supplier! They'll be using hops grown on a relative's farm in south-eastern Mass., as well. The brewery is named for a hardy native New England flower.

Our brief interview with Zack is a window into how beer and beer culture inspires, and shapes and is shaped by young beer enthusiasts. Asked if he sees himself as a professional brewer one day, Zack said that if he ends up working in and around craft beer and craft beer people, "I'd be happy!"

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