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Pedro Escobar was born the poor son of Mexican salt miners... Wait -- no! That's not right! Though it does make for a great back-story for his Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling character, El Tecnico Rudo!
El Tecnico Rudo takes on a challenger!
Pedro is a first generation Mexican American who learned the skills of maintaining and repairing large mechanical equipment from his dad, who emigrated from Puebla, Mexico as a teenager along with Pedro's mom, and is part of that mythical American Dream -- immigrants coming to America for a better life, and to help build a better America.
Pedro Escobar in Clark Kent mode.
It was while working with his dad, said to be one of the most respected vineyard and brewery technical engineers in America, that the Brooklyn Brewery and Pedro were first introduced. This would eventually lead to Pedro taking on the role of the brewery's head Maintenance Engineer, responsible for keeping all things mechanical in good working order, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of the finest beer from North 11th St. in Williamsburg.

Bob, Willy, and Pedro.
Though his first experiences with beer didn't much stir him, Pedro's concept of beer was dramatically challenged when he tasted a Stone Arrogant Bastard for the first time. That impression was tattooed on his tastebuds, and it served as the inspiration for his own brew for the Brooklyn Brewery's Worshipful Company of Brewers series -- the 7% ABV Tecnico Rudo American Strong Ale.

The Worshipful Company of Brewers program at the Brooklyn Brewery affords all manner of the brewery staff -- not just the brewers -- an opportunity to create a recipe entirely of their own choosing and brew it in the large 20 barrel commercial brewhouse. Pedro's brew was originally planned for the wintertime, but it got pushed back into the warm months, where his domineering 7.3% hoppy American Ale would either slake your mid-summer thirst, or at least make you forget about the heat and humidity entirely!

Tecnico Rudo.
The beer has a simple enough malt bill, primarily 2-row pale malt augmented by Special B and Aromatic malts. Even with a whopping 7.3% ABV there is plenty of malt sweetness left over to offer a rich body and to try to balance the enormous hop character and aggressive bitterness, provided by Chinook and Citra hops. This one may only be available at the Brooklyn Brewery tasting room, so make plans to wrestle this one down while you can!

Brewmaster Garrett introduces Pedro.
The stage is set for El luchador de cerveza.

Pedro's family.

Pedro and Purple Rage.

Garrett, Eric Brown, and Pedro.
"It's not my birthday!"

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