Monday, May 21, 2012

Centerfold Revealed At Brooklyn Brewery

Rob, on the right, fills the glasses of the masses.
The Worshipful Company of Brewers is a "guild" of brewers at the Brooklyn Brewery. On a rotating basis, different brewers there are given the opportunity to brew a unique batch of their own creation, which is released on a very small scale and only in kegs. A launch party is held at the brewery for each new beer, to which friends of the brewers, supporters of the brewery and industry insiders are invited.

On Friday May 18, 2012, Brooklyn Brewery's Cellarman, and brewer, Rob Lemery served up his own invention, the Centerfold, to a very enthusiastic, thirsty crowd. Rob's was the second beer in the series, the first one being Tom Villa's Oishi. Aside from Garrett, Tom is the longest tenured brewer at Brooklyn, and Rob is the most junior.

Can you handle this?
What Goes Into Making a Centerfold?

Centerfold is a 6% abv California Pale Ale, that's made with floor malted european malts -- pilsner and Marris Otter -- and treated to a wide array of hop varieties: Chinook, Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial and the not oft utilized New Zealand Pacific Jade. The beer is dry-hopped, generously, twice, and also picks up some unique flavors and aromas by the addition of Rose Hips.
The apprentice and the master.
Rob, a N.J. native, still homebrews whenever he can, and he said that his recipe was partly inspired by discovering Rose Hips at his local homebrew shop. He claims that the Rose Hips allow him to use more hops without over bittering his beer, while adding a nice tartness and floral quality. He also said that Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale was a favorite of his in his early years of beers, and that it also contributed to his decisions in recipe formulation.

You can hear all about it, and more -- and learn Rob's nickname since high school, and his relation to Pete Wilson (no, not the former governor of California) -- in this week's podcast!
Maia handles the tap.

Keep those hands where we can see them when handling the Centerfold!

Rob got a big boost on his big night.

Rob gets high with a little help from his friend.

Garrett ponders, "Why didn't I think of that..."

"Excuse me sir... can I have another?"

Add bartender to the resumé.
Where's Bobby Cuza to report on Cuzme and Bobby?

The mug doesn't stay full for long.
On offer in the tasting room.

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