Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nøgne Ø In Nøw Yørk

As part of a very hectic north-eastern US visit, Kjetil, the brewer of Nøgne Ø of Norway, took time to speak to us at a tasting event at Swifts in downtown Manhattan, where two of his beers which were cloned by Bitter & Esters a few months earlier were on hand to sample side by side with the originals -- the Sunturn smoked barley wine and the Nøgne Ø Porter.
Let's not ever piss off Norway, least they eat us whole.

L-R Small Sunturn Clone, Sunturn Clone, Sunturn.

Kjetil and Tim. (Don't upset the Norwegian, Tim...)

Clone station.

Ø, Ø, Ø!!!!

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