Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paul Cantillon's Great Grandson: Lambic 101

While on (working) vacation in Brussels, we had the privilege of speaking with Jean Van Roy, the head brewer and progeny of the Cantillon Brewery. Jean's family has been blending and brewing lambic beer for many generations. His beer is considered by many to be THE authentic lambic.
A boy and his gueuze.
And what is this "lambic" beer? Most who have tried it -- at least the more well known version of it called gueuze -- know it as a very sour, acidic, lively carbonated, somewhat sulfery concoction that one either loves or hates. (We LOVE it!!!)
Try to steal the Cantillon recipe -- get scratched!
Jean gave us a brilliantly simple explanation of the mysterious, ancient, spontaneously fermented beverage called lambic. Even if you think that you know a thing or two about this rare style of beer, I'm pretty sure that you will learn something new from Jean's brief but informative interview. 

A business meeting, with the (operational) potbelly stove in the foreground.

Romantic Saturday morning at the Cantillon Brewery!

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